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Unless otherwise noted all content on this website is Copyright Sean Gustafson 2013. All rights reserved.


This site is hosted by Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Metric Marketing. The website uses PmWiki as the CMS with a custom look based on the lean skin. To enhance PmWiki I use Lightbox and the following cookbook recipes:

  • SWF-Site for embedding youtube videos.
  • ThumbList automatically produces thumbnails of most images on the site. I use the optional ImageMagick support to create nice drop shadows.
  • BibtexRef formats lists of publications. Heavily modified.
  • IncludeSite creates an IFrame that includes the HTML version of my Resume.
  • LastFM is used on Music to include reports. Modified.
  • BookEntry: a custom book image retriever used on the Reading page.
  • FlashVideo: a custom tag for including flash videos.
  • FlashAudio: a custom tag for including mp3 audio.

The mountain photo used on the header of this website is of Mount Norquay in Banff National Park. The photo was taken by me from the Banff Springs Hotel on a rainy November day. It is a cropped version of this image.

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